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Definition of BLISTER

  • Blister - A vesicatory; a plaster of Spanish flies, or other matter, applied to raise a blister.
  • Blister - A vesicle of the skin, containing watery matter or serum, whether occasioned by a burn or other injury, or by a vesicatory; a collection of serous fluid causing a bladderlike elevation of the cuticle.
  • Blister - Any elevation made by the separation of the film or skin, as on plants; or by the swelling of the substance at the surface, as on steel.
  • Blister - To be affected with a blister or blisters; to have a blister form on.
  • Blister - To give pain to, or to injure, as if by a blister.
  • Blister - To raise a blister or blisters upon.