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4 letter words made by unscrambling TARE

rate 4 tare 4 tear 4

3 letter words made by unscrambling TARE

are 3 art 3 ate 3 ear 3 eat 3 era 3 eta 3 rat 3 ret 3 tae 3 tar 3 tea 3

2 letter words made by unscrambling TARE

ae 2 ar 2 at 2 er 2 et 2 re 2 ta 2

Definition of TARE

  • Tare - of Tear
  • Tare - Tore.
  • Tare - A name of several climbing or diffuse leguminous herbs of the genus Vicia; especially, the V. sativa, sometimes grown for fodder.
  • Tare - A weed that grows among wheat and other grain; -- alleged by modern naturalists to be the Lolium temulentum, or darnel.
  • Tare - Deficientcy in the weight or quantity of goods by reason of the weight of the cask, bag, or whatever contains the commodity, and is weighed with it; hence, the allowance or abatement of a certain weight or quantity which the seller makes to the buyer on account of the weight of such cask, bag, etc.
  • Tare - To ascertain or mark the tare of (goods).