Unscramble ROE

The words or letters ROE are unscrambled. Our word finder was able to unscramble and find 6 words in ROE

roe is in TWL06 dictionary
roe is in SOWPODS dictionary

3 letter words made by unscrambling ROE

ore 3 roe 3

2 letter words made by unscrambling ROE

er 2 oe 2 or 2 re 2

Definition of ROE

  • Roe - A mottled appearance of light and shade in wood, especially in mahogany.
  • Roe - A roebuck. See Roebuck.
  • Roe - The female of any species of deer.
  • Roe - The ova or spawn of fishes and amphibians, especially when still inclosed in the ovarian membranes. Sometimes applied, loosely, to the sperm and the testes of the male.