Unscramble ESTATE

The words or letters ESTATE are unscrambled. Our word finder was able to unscramble and find 48 words in ESTATE

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6 letter words made by unscrambling ESTATE

estate 6 testae 6

5 letter words made by unscrambling ESTATE

setae 5 state 5 taste 5 tates 5 tease 5 teats 5 testa 5

3 letter words made by unscrambling ESTATE

ate 3 att 3 eat 3 eta 3 sae 3 sat 3 sea 3 see 3 set 3 tae 3 tas 3 tat 3 tea 3 tee 3 tet 3

2 letter words made by unscrambling ESTATE

ae 2 as 2 at 2 es 2 et 2 ta 2

Definition of ESTATE

  • Estate - A person of high rank.
  • Estate - A property which a person possesses; a fortune; possessions, esp. property in land; also, property of all kinds which a person leaves to be divided at his death.
  • Estate - Settled condition or form of existence; state; condition or circumstances of life or of any person; situation.
  • Estate - Social standing or rank; quality; dignity.
  • Estate - The degree, quality, nature, and extent of one's interest in, or ownership of, lands, tenements, etc.; as, an estate for life, for years, at will, etc.
  • Estate - The great classes or orders of a community or state (as the clergy, the nobility, and the commonalty of England) or their representatives who administer the government; as, the estates of the realm (England), which are (1) the lords spiritual, (2) the lords temporal, (3) the commons.
  • Estate - The state; the general body politic; the common-wealth; the general interest; state affairs.
  • Estate - To endow with an estate.
  • Estate - To establish.
  • Estate - Tom settle as a fortune.