Unscramble SEAT

The words or letters SEAT are unscrambled. Our word finder was able to unscramble and find 24 words in SEAT

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4 letter words made by unscrambling SEAT

ates 4 east 4 eats 4 etas 4 sate 4 seat 4 seta 4 teas 4
There are 8 anagrams in this group of words.

3 letter words made by unscrambling SEAT

ate 3 eat 3 eta 3 sae 3 sat 3 sea 3 set 3 tae 3 tas 3 tea 3
There are 10 anagrams in this group of words.

2 letter words made by unscrambling SEAT

ae 2 as 2 at 2 es 2 et 2 ta 2
There are 6 anagrams in this group of words.

Definition of SEAT

  • Seat - A part or surface on which another part or surface rests; as, a valve seat.
  • Seat - A sitting; a right to sit; regular or appropriate place of sitting; as, a seat in a church; a seat for the season in the opera house.
  • Seat - Posture, or way of sitting, on horseback.
  • Seat - That part of a thing on which a person sits; as, the seat of a chair or saddle; the seat of a pair of pantaloons.
  • Seat - The place occupied by anything, or where any person or thing is situated, resides, or abides; a site; an abode, a station; a post; a situation.
  • Seat - The place or thing upon which one sits; hence; anything made to be sat in or upon, as a chair, bench, stool, saddle, or the like.
  • Seat - To rest; to lie down.
  • Seat - To assign a seat to, or the seats of; to give a sitting to; as, to seat a church, or persons in a church.
  • Seat - To cause to occupy a post, site, situation, or the like; to station; to establish; to fix; to settle.
  • Seat - To fix; to set firm.
  • Seat - To place on a seat; to cause to sit down; as, to seat one's self.
  • Seat - To put a seat or bottom in; as, to seat a chair.
  • Seat - To settle; to plant with inhabitants; as to seat a country.