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Definition of DIURNAL

  • Diurnal - A daybook; a journal.
  • Diurnal - A diurnal bird or insect.
  • Diurnal - A small volume containing the daily service for the \"little hours,\" viz., prime, tierce, sext, nones, vespers, and compline.
  • Diurnal - Active by day; -- applied especially to the eagles and hawks among raptorial birds, and to butterflies (Diurna) among insects.
  • Diurnal - Daily; recurring every day; performed in a day; going through its changes in a day; constituting the measure of a day; as, a diurnal fever; a diurnal task; diurnal aberration, or diurnal parallax; the diurnal revolution of the earth.
  • Diurnal - Opening during the day, and closing at night; -- said of flowers or leaves.
  • Diurnal - Relating to the daytime; belonging to the period of daylight, distinguished from the night; -- opposed to nocturnal; as, diurnal heat; diurnal hours.